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Welcome, I am Joan Ahasnyut, the Royal Advisor of Shiltz.

I will assume that those of you who are reading this text are those who know how to enjoy adventures and travels. If you are awaiting on a new departure, or can't decide which path to take, let me make a suggestion as the Royal Advisor of Shiltz.

The land you are about to uncover!
Shiltz is a land under constant turmoil brought on by the battle between the humans and Bales protected by their two gods Elim and Balie. This war has started during the mythical era, and still continues today.
But today, there isn't a single Bale living in Shiltz.
We cannot even imagine where the Bales have disappeared to, and what caused their disappearance, whether it was a certain event that effected the Bales...
My suggestion to you is to get to the root of this mystery by traveling to the past of Shiltz.
And watch our history unfold. Uncover the lost history, the heroes, and the truth that's been veiled by distorted historical accounts.

- Shiltz's Royal Advisor Joan Ahasnaut, Year 330