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[END] Maintenance 08/13/2019

Our 08/13/2019 maintenance has finished and servers are once again live!

Maintenance Notes:

1. Preventive Maintenance.
2. Ranking Update.
3. [Update] NPC Yulson. (new users support)
4. Emergency MA Compensation. (Login 01/08 ~ 12/08)

Luxury Special Power-up Potion
Luxury Special Magic Fiber Potion
Luxury Special Defense D
Luxury Special Dex-up Potion
Luxury Special Eva-Up Potion

5. [Update] Grabbit.
6. [End] 7th Grade pet evolution race event.
7. [End] PK channel season 1.
8. [Event] PK Ranking extraction.
9. [JC Planet] J coins item purchase restriction - Now JC PLANET Seal Item Mall items can be purchased only with C coins.
10. [Fix] Golden Fish Hook item issue: Now the item is working correctly and giving two items in every catch - as a compensation, we sent to users 1 [Untradeable] Golden Fish Hook.
11. [Fix] MS round bug fix: Now round 10 and forward of MS is working correctly - as a compensation, we sent to users 5 Old Knight's Approval(Untradeable).

Thank you for your patience.

Seal BoD Team