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[Campaign] No Cheater Allowed 2019
Hello Shiltizens,

Today we launch the 2019 anti-hack campaing for Seal Online.

No Cheaters Allowed is a campaign made to punish users that make use of third-party tools in game.

Right now we have started by banning a total of 46 max-lvl user account.
The ban period is according with ban history and gravity going from 7 to 90 days and permanent for triple bans. Banned users have received a notification on account e-mail.

We would like to remember you that this is the first ban wave and we have more planned for the next days and months.

If you are a user of 3rd-party programs and were not banned this time, does not mean we don't have your name under observation. We are currently investigating over 300 game accounts that will be announced soon as well according to investigation results.

Remember that, if you already have a hack or other serious ban history and get caught on this campaing, your account can be suspended permanently, so be careful and play fair .

Enjoy playing Seal Online,

Love Seal^^

Seal B.O.D Team.