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[Event] PK Ranking - Season 1
Hello Shiltizens,

With the first season of PK channels - Seal Battlefield, we are now announcing the start of the PK ranking for Arus and Duran.

For it, we will consider all the kills executed on the PK channels in player vs player direct combat in open fields and post the top 20 killers for both channels separately (Arus and Duran).

You must consider that for each kill you achieve, you will receive 1 kill point regardless if you were the aggressor or the victim reacting against an attack.

For the ranking, we will consider the pk channel kills from July 16th to August 13th.


1st place Duran: 1 Billion Cegels
2nd place Duran: 750 Million Cegels
3rd place Duran: 500 Million Cegels

1st place Arus: 1 Billion Cegels
2nd place Arus: 750 Million Cegels
3rd place Arus: 500 Million Cegels

4th ~20th place: 1 Blessed Diamond

* Before adventuring yourself on pk channels, take into account that each kill you perform as an aggressor will increase your chaos points and as a consequence the penalties you will receive if you get killed by someone else.
* Any attempt of abusing the event will be automatically disqualified. Kills must be 100% legit.

Please read the Chaos points guide here: https://sealonline.fandom.com/wiki/PvP

We will announce the ranking with the winners in August 13th during the maintenance.
The rewards will be also sent at this date.

Good Luck!

Love Seal^^

Seal B.o.D Team.