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[END] Maintenance 01/29/2019

Our 01/29/2019 maintenance has finished and servers are once again live!

Maintenance Notes:

1- Preventive Maintenance
2- Web Rankings Update
3- Supply: Wood Motocycle (500) for Insomnia Event Participants.
4- NPC Sully Prizes Update:

Fame Ticket (600)[100 Green S.]
Old K. Approval (Unt) [150 Green S.]
Ruby [50 Blue S.]
G.M Piya-gra [100 Blue S.]
[Unt]Jackpot Bait x50[150 Blue S.]
Gold P. of Bless.(1 Day/Unt)[50 Red S.]
Garbage Car (500) [100 Red S.]
Capoeira Costume [100 White S.]
Reset Scr. (Status)(Unt)[300 White S.]

5- Guild Wars Championship exclusive costumes update.
6- Update Grabbit Fever: Lunar New Year Edition
7- New Dungeon Einhorn Update including new craftable weapons.

Thank you for your patience.

Seal BoD Team