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[Updated] MS Ranking Event
Greetings Shiltizens,

We have an important announcement to make about the Monster Survival Ranking Event.

As you may have noticed, we removed many top ranking players from the MS Ranking during last maintenance.

Such players were using illegal programs in order to take advantage on the ranking to obtain the prizes and benefits from the system.

Please note that all the players found trying to be on the ranking illegally using:

Any kind of game exploit
3rd party programs

…will not be considered for the ranking event prizes and their accounts will be suspended according to our ban policies.

That being said, we heard many of your opinions about this event and some changes were made. We consider to have found a solution for the event to be more fair for everyone.

Please check the event changes here: https://bit.ly/2zqpBNJ

Or access Seal Online Forum > Seal Online Events.

May the best win!

Love Seal^^

Seal BoD Team.