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Servers EXP after June 6st Maintenance
Hello Shiltizens,

Many of you has been wondering about the EXP rates on Duran and Arus servers after the June 6th Maintenance.

We would like to inform that this issue was due to a new EXP tool added on the system in order to make EXP & Drop event for both servers. After we added this tool, server has been experiencing some differences between the EXP base we had on the game before.

We remind you that this was an application to improve the system events on the game and we asked for a little patience during these next days, the exp will comeback as usual.

Right now the experience should be a bit above the normal rates to compensate for the last days.

We gently ask for your understanding on this matter and apologize for any incovenience that it could cause you during this week, we will certanly compensate you with great EXP and Drop Boosts on the near future!

In a few weeks, we will also be announcing a big Update coming to Seal BoD!

Have a great weekend everyone

Love Seal^^

Seal BoD Team.