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[IM] Welcome Spring Event!
Dear Citizens of Shiltz,

The spring is knocking the doors of Shiltz, let's welcome it and the new "Pets 6th grade Update" with this special event of RP spending that we have prepared for the community.

From February 23th at 00:01 PST to March 6th at 23:59 PST all RPs consumed per account will be accumulating, so that at the end of the event the accounts will receive additionally the following prizes:

-For 1000 Rps Spent: 1 Marco's Mistake + 1 Han Jiyoo's Chest
-For 2500 Rps Spent: 1 Albereo's Toolbox + 1 Evolution Leaf 10%
-For 5000 Rps Spent: Premium Kiosk (7 days) + 1 Evolution Leaf 10% + 1 Han Jiyoo's Chest
-For 8000 Rps Spent: 2 Blessed Diamond + 2 Evolution Leaf 10% + 1 Han Jiyoo's Chest

Details and Conditions: http://bit.ly/2sQVw6A

We hope you enjoy it!

Love Seal^^

Seal: BoD Team