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[Event] Christmas & Winter
Winter Season Events!


Are you prepared to start this Winter Season with Seal Online? We have prepared amazing things for all of you!

Bellow you can check everything you need to know!

1- Snow has covered all the Capitals of Shiltz
2- Climb to the top of the Christmas trees on the Cities!
3- Crude Mountain awaits for you with new events!
4- Find a letter from Sugarplum Mary on your mailbox once a day,
5- Find the Hiding Place of the Grinch on Crude Mountain
Defeat him and bring the "Hunting the Grinch" letter and the "Stolen Gift" to
Sugarplum Mary and receive your reward!
6- Crude Mountain is decorated with beautiful Christmas Trees!
Pick Snowballs from the Bales and throw them on the Trees!
Ornaments will fall from it.
Open them and find really cool stuff!

Check all the details here: http://bit.ly/2jiy36U
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