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No Cheaters Allowed
Citizens of Shiltz,


we’d like to announce an updated policy again, which is good for majority of Citizens of Shiltz but not for the rest.
As of today, we begin the strengthened campaign titled "No Cheaters Allowed".

We all want Seal Online BoD to be a fair game and look forward to watching over the fun, companionship, friendship amongst all our valued players.

We will not allow under any circumstances these firm principles to be affected by the wrongful actions of some users.

That is why today we once again publicly announce our campaign by suspending 500+ accounts having relations with invasive third-party programs by now.

Since this is the first official step to be taken on "No-Cheaters Allowed" campaign, we will have a "Grace-period" this time ONLY as a kind reminder.

Therefore, 'coming 48 hours of ban' after maintenance was applied and absolved at 00:00 a.m. on Sep 15 (PDT). However, next time, stricter actions will be conducted pertaining to our policy. (http://bit.ly/2xY5xfR)

The updated list of cheaters could be periodically announced so, if you own one of the suspended accounts on our list, take this warning as the last reminder seriously since on next round of track-down, your account may be suspended permanently if irregularities are found.

We remind you that the illegal use of hacking tools also leads to have your account compromised or theft by others and GM’s cannot help you in this cases.

Think twice before using hack tools on Seal Online, even though you may feel you have advantages at the beginning, we guarantee that you will only be harmed at the end.

All GM and Seal Online BOD Staffs decisions are final in the game.
No refunds will be made for any RPs or items left within.
Appeals will not be entertained.

Best Regards,
SealBoD: Team