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Have you seen a Cheater!?!?

We are working pretty hard on finding Seal Online cheaters giving them the permanent ban for the use of illegal programs in-game. Its almost 100 banned users in less than a month!

One of the community's biggest concern is the recent increase of bad players using programs to cheat on the game.

In order to help us by locating and give them the deserved punishment we have made this file to keep all the information updated.

Here you can report a Cheater describing the exact location you've seen him (map coordinate), his character name and the approximate time.

This will help us on investigating such zones and find out the most popular spots between cheaters and ban them all!

Want to report a Cheater?

Learn more here: http://bit.ly/2ub3vuK

Thank you in advance for your cooperation on make Seal Online Blades of Destiny the game with one of the best communities!
Seal Online Team.